A bit of a late post. We had a really busy month with a heap of work related travel.

I remember just out of university the prospect of travel for work was so exciting. Free flights, nice hotels, a daily food allowance. The chance to explore new places.

Then the reality set in. Flights were exhausting and a day out of the office inevitably meant a barrage of emails to catch up on upon return.

The hotels were nice yes, but usually any free time was spent hunkered over the laptop on a tiny work table and feeling frustrated at a slow Wifi connection. Sometimes I rarely left the confines of the hotel let alone explore a new city.

But August wasn’t that bad. We got to explore two warm locations and escape the Sydney winter which was nice. It also meant a lot of spending – eating out and a portion of R&R that wasn’t reimbursed by work.

The main change this month was receipt of a dividend payment of $20K. We also rejigged out share portfolio, where we sold out of $50K of managed funds to lower fees. The proceeds went into a mix of offset and eventually the plan is to move these back into ETF’s.

Cash: We probably hold too much cash but always worried about a redundancy or rainy day event that will mean we need the savings to pay the mortgage and bills.