September was an exciting month because we ‘launched’ two side hustles.

  1. Renting out a room on Airbnb

We are renting out a spare room at the back of the home for Airbnb purposes. During August and September we’ve been busily setting it up.

This has involved getting furniture and bedding for the room ($600)

We also have had to automate a garage door so that guests can enter via a side lane. This is so that we can keep our privacy and not be disturbed. ($700)

We’ve also had to buy locks for the back door, curtains for the room, plus an outdoor sensor light ($350)

All up we have spent $1.9K to set the whole thing up.

Our first guests arrived in September and it was really exciting! OK we stuffed up a bit because we priced the nightly rate too low – so for a 28 night stay we only ended up getting $1.2K. Lesson learnt for next time.

2. Starting an online store

I know it sounds crazy but I’ve invested $10K on products / stock for an online shop. It’s due to arrive later in the year, so will be able to ‘launch’ this side gig then.

Net Worth Summary

We are down due to the investment in big ticket items, but mainly side hustle #2.