We had a (productively) busy month of October.

The Airbnb is taking up quite a lot of work. We haven’t sourced any of the cleaning so basically I am doing room service/housekeeping between stays.

Also the check-ins are getting a bit hectic – I have at times had to leave work early in order to open the door / pass keys to the guests. We need to work out a way to have auto check in via a lock-box.

Fortunately we only had three stays during the month totaling 24 nights – so I made up beds three times. I thought it was a bit gross to have to wash people’s sheets so we have taken the linen to a laundromat.

The guests so far have been really nice, mostly out exploring during the day.

Total revenue for the month from Airbnb hosting was $1,450. Not bad! I wouldn’t say it is exactly passive income though given the hours I’ve spent cleaning and making up beds…

We also went away for the October long weekend to north coast NSW. It was really relaxing to go to the beach and hike, and there was even a cave dive with sharks!

Photo from Abyss Scuba Diving (not mine)

Net Worth Summary

We are up this motnhly because we got a $12K tax refund (yay)