Ended the financial year with (lack of) a bang. It has felt like 2020 started with bushfires across the east coast and now we are in the middle of a pandemic. On the bright side, I like to think that our Plan remains resilient – save, invest and repeat.

We were going crazy from lockdown and took advantage of things opening and low case numbers in our state do a weekend roadtrip to Kiama.

I’ve historically done the ‘year in review’ in December but given it is a financial year end, it felt fitting to do a year on year comparison to see the progress.

A summary of our net worth is below. I’ve changed methodolgy in recent months by including super. Our PPOR is included too however this gets a bit tricky in terms of a ‘FIRE number’ given the PPOR isn’t going to generate any passive income unless sold. However I continue to operate on the basis that our net worth is the value of all of our assets less liabilities.

Property: We ended the year with a property portfolio valued at $812K. The year on year uplift has mainly been valuation, so I am focusing on how much we repaid to each mortgage over the year, rather than market ups and downs. That and I don’t really trust the numbers coming out of Domain Home Price guide – it seems to fluctuate on a monthly basis without any basis.

Shares: Late November 2019 we put chunk of our excess savings into ETF’s and unfortunately COVID-19 hit and those holdings are underwater. However we are focused on now dollar-cost averaging into ETF’s where we can, to balance out the high proportion of wealth in property.

Cash holdings remain fairly steady. We always aim to have at least 6 months of expenses. There is a bit more than that here – it gives us peace of mind to hold a bit more, plus we want to be opportunistic in case property bargains come up (in Sydney, probably unlikely, but here’s hoping).