A relatively uneventful month, things kept ticking along on all fronts.

We added a $5.2K parcel of VDHG to the portfolio, bringing it up to $271K. I must admit I was actually supposed to buy mid-month but delayed this hoping for a drop in value. Funny that, despite knowing that you cannot time the market, emotionally I’m still trying to time the market.

On the investment property front, some bad news as the tenant on Property 2 requested a rent reduction from $390 to $330.

Sydney’s rental market has been really weak – lots of new listings and rent falls across the board. We toyed wtih the idea of selling but the market isn’t great right now either, so decided against it. The property is a low maintenance, old red brick 2 bedder about 10km from the CBD.

Anyway we met him in the middle and offered $350 but he has decided to vacate anyway.

Looks like there will be a vacant period in August when it goes back on the market. The timing is unfortunate given there have been a flood of rentals and price reductions. Oh well.

Net worth summary is below.