August was a boring month, with no holidays, special occasions or events. Boring is good in a FIRE sense, because it means less spending, more saving.

Our Net Worth jumped up quite a bit, by $38K this month. $20K of this was due to an employer share plan payment . It’s an annual thing, I wish it was every month

Investment properties – the good news was that at month end, our investment property that was vacated finally let. The bad news was we had to drop rents by 15%. Ouch.

I recently listened to a podcast by the authors of Joy of Money, Kate McCallum and Julia Newbould. One thing that came up was the concept of ‘No Spend September’ – kinda like Dry July but with money I guess. Am tempted to try it and see if I can hold off on only essential spending for this month.

Net worth summary is below.