We had a mini-trip during the October long-weekend down the South Coast. It was a last minute booking and so we ended up in a small motel room, rather than an Airbnb with cooking facilities. But still, no complaints with scenery like this.

During the course of the month, $6.8K was invested in VDHG.

Oh, and you might have noticed that the equity in Property 1 jumped up significantly. Nope, just paper profits, aka unrealised gains. They are due to using RP Data as a source of valuation data, rather than Domain.

Net Worth Summary

Expenses and Spending

We stuck closely to our budget this month, with the exception of a dentist visit which cost $289 under Health Spending. The big ticket items were gifts ($140 earphones) and eating out ($245) for Mr FireAnt’s birthday this month and $800 for our roadtrip weekend. Oh, and about $70 in clothes for our toddler including a swimming floatie, a Bonds Wondersuit (god those things are expensive) and a Pikachu cap (bought in a moment of weakness).

It does make me realise that it’s not the big items that cause slippage in spending, but all the little things adding up.