What a crazy year it’s been…we went from a summer of bushfires to a global pandemic. Even with vaccines being rolled out now, it doesn’t feel like we’re out of the woods.

As I sit here writing this, masks have just been mandated in NSW, but we fortunately have not gone into lockdown just yet.

I have felt really grateful to be in Australia. Because while we are grappling with COVID-19 clusters, the situation isn’t half as bad here, as what it is overseas. Hospital beds are running out in the US and daily new cases are in the one to two hundred thousands.

We have also been fortunate to keep our jobs in health and finance respectively, while firms laid off workers earlier this year and businesses closed due to the lockdown.

We had a few trips booked this year – China, Tonga and a wedding in Tassie. All were cancelled due to travel restrictions. China was particularly disappointing, as one of our elderly relatives passed in that time, and we were unable to visit.

Reflecting back on the year, we did mark a few small achievements on the FIRE front.

  1. Savings rate: Our savings rate improved significantly during lockdown, reaching 60%+ in some months. It fell back to 50%
  2. Investment Property: We bought a new Investment Property! – this deserves its own post, so more on this later
  3. Shares We continued to buy ETF’s and purchased $82K in 2020.

I’m trying to distill all the year end data now in order to set our goals and budget for the year ahead.

Here’s to a better 2021!