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Journey to Financial Independence



An Intro

We are a married couple in our 30’s living in Sydney, Australia.

FIRE Journey – early days

As the offspring of migrant parents, we had a frugal mindset instilled into us growing up. With no hireable skills, our parents owned food shops and worked long hours.

When we started full-time employment, the allure of the ongoing paycheck and the lack of responsibility meant that we splurged, we went out, bought stuff and travelled. Looking back, I wish I’d known about FIRE then.

We did however, purchase an investment property each shortly out of uni. In hindsight, it was a good decision because it meant our money was tied down to paying down a mortgage, rather than wastefully spent. We purchased our family home afterwards.

Lightbulb moment

Back then, we didn’t have a good grasp of our finances. We had multiple credit cards, mortgages, bills. It was a bit all over the shop. We were fortunate to be double income, no kids at that point and so it didn’t really matter.

With three IPs and our own home, we have a large mortgage balance combined. The lightbulb moment occured after reading Barefoot Investor. At that point we both had multiple credit cards (which we cancelled and actually did cut in half), and really had no idea where our money was going. Which was fine because we were lucky enough to be working full time, well paying jobs.

Then we found out we were expecting, and having a young child has changed our perspective on things competely. Time (and sleep!) suddenly became a valuable yet scarce resource. The prospect of working full time until our 60’s was no longer appealing and spending time as a family became a priority.

We’ve taken a long, hard look at our expenses. We’ve tried to increase our income through side hustles and most important we’ve now set goals that we regularly review on our journey.

It doesn’t hurt to dream big, our goals are to…

  1. Have a net worth of around $2 to $3 million by the time we are 40.
  2. Spend more time with family and pursuing hobbies, by working part-time or not at all
  3. Have a coastal property and spend time going to the beach, swimming and snorkeling.

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